Google Business Group (GBG) Lahore

We conduct regular on-ground and virtual events tailored to benefit Lahore’s Startups, SME and entrepreneur community, beside providing knowledge, we aim to bring business networking opportunities as well. All our events are free of cost to attend.

Join us at our annual conference → BizFest 2018

Events & Activities

GBG Lahore: BizFest 201822nd December 2018 | University of Central PunjabPictures | Details
Herself & Womenwill: Open Mic - Barriers to Accelerate Growth23rd October 2018 | Arfa Software ParkPictures | Details
GBG Lahore & PUAN Lahore: Meet Pakistan: Culture & Tourism20th October 2018 | Arfa Software ParkPictures | Details
Womenwill: Making Digital Marketing More Effective15th August 2018 | Innovation District 92Pictures | Details
GBG Lahore: Meet & Greet2nd May 2018 | X2 GulbergPictures | Details

Our Team

We are a bunch of passionate individuals who run Google Business Group – Lahore. Here’s the crazy awesome bunch of people who are from different walks of life, but are passionate to help startups and entrepreneurs to get more out of web technologies. Each one of us is an expert in a particular domain and everyone is equally important.

Arzish Azam

GBG Lead

Mehroz Hassan

GBG Co-Lead

Wajiha Ghazal

Womenwill Lead

Areen Shahid

Team Member

Community Partners